Reading Rainbow spoof for “The Librarians”

October 29, 2015  |  Animation, Joe's Work

A fun, final project I worked on with my dearly departed Turner Studios 2d animation department. RIP!

Animation Directors: Brian DeTagyos, Joe Peery

Animators: Ralph Sevelius, Aaron Kablack, Alisa Shupe

Turner Studios: Kendra Russell, Sean McPherson, Andrew Weiler and Jeff Brody

TNT: John Jamilkowski and Andrea Hochman.



  1. The promo is just such fun to watch! Love The Librarians.. Loved seeing my fav Christian Kane being playful like that! Thanks!

  2. Thanks! We had a blast working on it.

  3. Such a fun, playful promo! Hope kids will love it and watch The Librarians! Great family show with a wonderful cast, esp. Christian Kane as Jake Stone. Just one question: How did Christian move from the outside running to inbetween John & Lindy and then back to the outside area? Just saying…. LOL Guess he’s quick on his feet!

  4. Congrats Robin- you’re the first to catch Christian’s quick feet!

  5. This is just hiliarious!!! I can see a video game in this LOL! Love to see #ChristianKane return in S2 of #TheLibrarians!!


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