One year later, I’m full-time again…

May 16, 2010  |  Events

Yep, it was just about a year ago I was included in the lay-offs at Turner Studios, where I had worked in the animation department as Senior Animation Director. I had been there for about eight-and-a-half years, and suddenly found myself back in the freelance world. Fortunately, I was able to find work and it didn’t seem as bleak as I’d heard, until I got stiffed for about $4,000 on a freelance job. I was finally able to collect some of it (still trying to get the rest) but the ordeal reminded me of the downside of self-employment. I did have some positive experiences working with new clients and some contacts from the past that I enjoyed collaborating with again. It was also great working from home in my studio across the hall from my girlfriend Rebecca’s office. We enjoyed being able to take breaks in the back yard with the chickens and hiking over to the Village for tacos. It was a good time for me to work on a variety of jobs, and pursue some different creative outlets. Finally, I visited the folks at “Floyd County Productions”, creators of the “Archer” series on FX. I had met them originally at an ASIFA “Blowin’ Smoke” event, where I first saw their show “Frisky Dingo” (Under their old moniker: “70/30 Productions”). I loved the look of the show, and it was hilarious. At the time I remember thinking I would like to work with them at some point. Well, the opportunity arose when they earned a second season for Archer. They hired me on to help storyboard the new episodes, and after a month we both agreed it was a good fit. They need the help with a very tight schedule and thirteen new shows to produce. I am happy to be drawing again every day, though I must admit I had become rusty doing this particular type of drawing. I’m working hard to recover my chops, and inspired every day by the extremely talented crew around me. It’s good to be a part of a fun loving, hard working team; and there seems to be a genuine affection among everyone involved in the production. I look forward to improving my skills every day. Oh- I’m also a reference model for the the main character! Actually, just the body (killer suit). So I get to play dress-up from time to time. Look for my action poses when the new season starts- I’ll keep you posted…


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  1. Love the new look. And congratulations on the steady work. You’re the best!

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