My Indigo Girls album cover art!

October 5, 2011  |  Illustrations, Joe's Work, Music, Uncategorized

My good friend and designer extraordinaire Erin Dangar put together the package design, art direction and type for the Indigo Girls latest CD.

She turned me loose on the illustrations, including the inside booklet and back cover:

I’m mighty proud to have my name (and web site!) printed along with Erin and all the talented folks working with the Indigo Girls:

Here are a couple early sketches, and where the style ended up:

(above) Feeling out the Blackbird sketch

A more graphic version of the Blackbird

The final version, more retro tattoo flash style.

Erin took me to the Indigo Girls show at the Botanical gardens, and afterwards took me back to meet them. They were so gracious and thankful for the artwork, and really nice down to earth people. The whole experience was great, from working with Erin on the design to hearing the show and meeting two Atlanta music icons in a relaxed and beautiful venue.

Speaking of awesome musicians- Erin is quite an amazing bass player and singer too! Check out her killer band, The Holland Dutch:


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  1. Thanks, Joe! You are so sweet. Your work is amazing and I couldn’t have done this project without you. Thank you so much for your talent and friendship.

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