Animator, Illustrator, Musician

I have freelanced in Atlanta since 1984 and started working for local animation studio Primal Screen in 1997. From there I moved on to Turner Studios in 2001, and moved up to the position of Senior Animation Director, creating and directing animation for clients such as Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, TNT, TBS and many others. May 2009 I transitioned back to my busy freelance lifestyle. Feel free to call or e-mail me to discuss any projects that you have. Although I have done large budget animation projects for broadcast and film, I also love to do smaller projects for web and print, so we can find ways to work within your budget. joe bass2

I Like to Collaborate

I enjoy directing fellow artists on an animated commercial, working as an animator, teaching students or mentoring young professionals. I also enjoy playing music with my bands Floating Coats  and Penny Serenade, switching drawings with other artists at our monthly cabaret style art sessions or helping my wife build a pen for our chickens! Whether I am working with an art director or writer on a big commercial animation job or simply sitting down with one other person to discuss their idea; my enjoyment comes from that connection.

I Enjoy Solitude

As a child I would spend hours alone filling rolls of paper with drawings, or creating puppets out of fabric and cardboard, or whatever I could find. I like to spend lots of time roaming in the woods, riding my bike through town and hiking around desolate places. I like the space that solitude gives my mind to wander, and the precision that comes from focusing all of my attention to the point of a pencil.

I Like Variety

I have the good fortune to be able to work with many different types of art. I have always held a deep appreciation for the realists, and find much satisfaction in creating visual illusions that mimic reality. I also look for a reaction to the subject I am drawing- sometimes it results in a caricature or cartoon, sometimes a more abstract version of the image that tells more than an accurate reproduction. This is what keeps the work exciting, because sometimes the end result can be a surprise to me.